Friday, November 16, 2007

Moses Mouse

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest son found a baby mouse. He was wallowing in a bit of rusty water in an old coffee can. The little guy was soaked to the skin. He was named Moses soon thereafter. Being the compassionate person I am, I just had to see what I could do for this sopping wet, shivering little mouse. Actually, it was the mother in me-for pity's sake, the little thing was squakin' fer his maw, and I just had to do somethin'! So, after providing Moses a snuggly nest in an old plastic aquarium, and feeding him some egg/sugar/milk mixture from a dropper, he recovered quite nicely. I used a little sock to slip the dropper into so the flow of the "milk" was reduced enough for him to keep up. I also used the other side of the sock to "groom" him. Who knew that mice liked to be scratched behind the ears and under the neck? He closed his eyes in delight. I suppose it felt similar to his maw. He graduated to corn kernels, oats, and bread crumbs. I got a little attached to him, but after 2 weeks he is now ready to go back where he belongs-the wild. (pic is dark because I didn't want the flash to spook him and then have a mouse scurrying up my arm into my get the idea)
So-long Moses! If'n yer ever in these here parts again, don't be afeared to visit us, just mind the cat!

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Mrs Mecomber said...

Ten to one he'll be back for a visit and a spot of tea...