Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I think I have it!

When I started this blog, it really was on a whim. I thought I would use it to post my numerous nature photos. I didn't see this as a really important thing to blog about so I quickly put it aside. Then, I read about the contest going on at Everyday Mommy. After reading everyone else's accounts of raising boys, I entered the contest. Well, I have read all the other entries since mine and browsed their blogs. And then, it hit me! I will make this blog an adventure story of an upstate NY family! I have always wanted to write a book..and I figure that this is about as close as it will get for me, so I may as well. With a house full of boys and animals (sometimes hardly a difference!), there is so much to inspire me, I can't see how I haven't thought of it before!
So, as you see, my previous post was a start. After the contest, I will let you know who won the book. I read one story that touched my heart so much that I am rooting for her!

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