Monday, June 11, 2007

My most daring, adventurous, and just plain adorable son!

As I was perusing my favorite blog, New York Traveler, I read an interesting contest going on with the blog Everyday Mommy, in which parents are asked to post about their son's adventures to receive a neat-o book.
I have four sons and which one to write about is the real challenge! I could tell you about the time my oldest son tried recharging his batteries using the outlet! OY! Or how about the time when we took my youngest son horseback riding for the first time on his fourth birthday. He tried to get on the horse by himself and told the trainer to "just let go, I can do it myself." :|
My second oldest son. Wow..where do I begin? To know him is to love him! After the first two weeks of newborn sleep wore off, he was AWAKE. This child would take 2 half hour naps during the day and only sleep 3 hours at a time during the night. I guess he had things to do!
I have to say, the first daring thing I saw him do was pulling himself to a stand at 6 months of age! I had a colorful book on the coffee table that caught his eye. He wanted that book and he was going to get it! Having my camera in a strategic position, I was able to snap the event in sequence.

"Oooh, something looks neat up there!"

This is exciting!

"There! I got it! Um, what is it?!"

He only lasted a few short seconds in this position, but that taste of height was all he needed! He has been climbing everything since!
What an amazing adventure my sons have brought me! I really am so blessed! :)


Mrs Mecomber said...

sooooo cute!

hh said...

isn't it though?! ;) thx

Ricjunette said...

People should read this.