Thursday, June 21, 2007

that was a good'un

DS10 has shown his challenging side lately. Recently as I was leaving my sister's house, DS10 decided that it was not time for HIM to go, so he scurried up a tree. Ugh! I wasn't going to climb up there after him, so DS12 tried to pull him out. Well, after pretending to leave without him and promising remorse later, he decided to come down...but not to get in the car! No, instead he started a flurry of siblings and cousins pursuing him around the yard trying to corral him into the vehicle. DS12 even got the bright idea to spray him with the garden hose, but I was in the line of fire. 'sop!' Today however, it was the other way around! DS12 decided to start a revolt and DS10 took up arms against him! When DS12 was racing toward the door to take cover, DS17 locked him out as DS10 threw a bucketful of water dousing him thoroughly. I am glad it ended with laughter. It was a classic moment.


Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh, one never has a camera handy when one needs it! ;)

hh said...

LOL you said it!